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Our Fleet


Classic Motoryacht Lodeweijck

A beautifull gentleman's motoryacht from 1949
completely restored and refitted to sail another 71 years, is ready for you and your friends!



The Whaleboat has a build-in jacuzzi for you and your friends
now at your disposal!
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Ocean's 500

Welcome in the world of luxury yacht charter, the perfect way to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the world. We are able to purpose you the yacht of your dreams to have a great time at sea. You will have an amazing time on board with a fantastic crew.


Motoryacht "Amelia"

Based in Yerseke, Amelia is an elegant, spacious, and luxurious yacht and an equally comfortable, strong, and seaworthy vessel ideal for corporate, friends, and family charters.


klipper CATCH 

28 meter motor clipper converted into a luxurious ship for fishing packages for 6 people on the Dutch inland waterways with all facilities such as aluminum CATCH Docks with fishing equipment.

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We don't make any promises, we deliver.

Our Task

We don't have any pre-arrangements, we live up to your standards. 

Our Values

We don't have timetables, we sail whenever you want us to.

Captain Michiel Akkerman

Owning a yacht is for the happy few, 
enjoying a yacht is just a phonecall away.

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We respect your privacy.

Some event's on our yachts never happend. 

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Some say he actually got gills , and rumor has he never fails!
As a lifetime fisherman on the Loosdrecht lakes, Erik Verloop knows the right places and circumstances to catch the one you want! 


Back to the future wasn't science fiction, it actually exists!
Now on the lakes in Loosdrecht!


It's new, it's magnificent!


Yes, this is real!
Just fly away!

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